Back to the Pad and Paper

Where do I begin after such a long layoff of writing?

Well, I have since taken another journey and added yet again another chapter to my book of life. I recently spent about 3-months away from home and in military training, once again. The experience was rejuvenating, motivating and above all purposeful. Not only did I gain great military training, I learned more about myself along the process. I realized that I needed purpose in my life. I needed to continue to set goals and continue to strive to achieve them.

For years after I returned from my deployment I felt I was just living. Just another participant in the rat race that so many people burn out from. Go to work, maybe go to the gym, go home, go to sleep and then start it all over again the next day.

While my time in the military was much of the same it was about the task and the people around me that changed. I was surrounded with like minded people who had a standard of discipline, standards and purpose. My job was fulfilling because now as an instructor, I was able to pass on the knowledge, experience and wisdom I have learned over the years to new Soldiers. Soldiers who decided at such a young age that they wanted to do something more. No matter the story, no matter the situation, the bottom line was the same, they wanted something different and they wanted to make a difference.

Being in a position of power and leadership, I could only appreciate that sense of purpose that brought them here. So I am there to help mentor and guide them towards the path of being a Soldier and possibly a leader in the military.


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