Pivot and Move in a Different Direction

What is suffering?  Suffering is ultimately someone trying to tell us we need to change.  What comes from suffering is a lesson learned and obviously undesirable pain.  The upside of these two things is that the pain will dissipate eventually but the lesson(s) learned will be something you will benefit forever.  

I’m on a path, to being the best person physically and mentally that I could possibly be. Yes there’s going to be some ups and downs of it all. But I need to stay true and be focused on the now. I can’t ponder on things that are going to happen or not happen in the future and I definitely can’t think about all the things that I could have have or should have have done in the past. Basically I cannot have any regrets for doing the things that I did in the past. I need to be confident and more importantly of my decision that I made. Whether it be right or wrong, that’s not the point. The point is that the decision was made and if it was wrong or if it could have done better if I have an opportunity to make that decision again later in life then I’ll know what decision to make.


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