If you don’t like it, Change it.

What started out as another weekend getaway, turned out to be an extended vacation.  Decided to go to Maui for a little sun.  As I took the road to Hana, I stopped off at the Jaws Country Store for a quick bite to eat.   While waiting for my order, I was taking a picture of a rooster.  The background was so tropical, I couldn’t pass it up.   While sitting at an outdoor table, I started up a conversation with a couple sitting at the only other table in the area.  Turns out they are both from California and have been living in Maui for 10 and 8 years, respectively.  With my curious nature, I asked them what motivated the move and if they have ever looked back?  For the female, she was tired of the corporate career back home and decided to become a massage therapist and move.  For the male, he was sort of scammed into coming to Maui for a “work for trade” ad he saw on Craigslist.  He sold all his belongs and headed to Maui to start work on a farm.  The farm never existed and he found himself with no possessions and on a tropical island.  As the cliche’ goes, the rest is history!

My name was called from the kitchen and my food was ready.  After devouring the breakfast sandwich and a peanut butter and banana smoothie, which was awesome!  I decided to hear the cashier’s story about his migration to the island.   He said he moved here from Arizona 1-2 years ago.  Rented a small jungle tree house which is now occupied by a friend. He makes trips back to the mainland but while he is there, he definitely gets sad about being away from the island.  After speaking with him and the other couple and see how their faces light up about that life changing decision years ago, he continued to light that fire in me that has always wanted to take that leap of faith.

So I decided to not return to home for a while.  I was torn because I am currently enrolled in a 5-month school program that has only 2-months left to go.  But I have to follow my heart and all the signs.  I never want to regret anything.  I also have been dealing with a lot of undue hardship and weight on my shoulders.  I never want to run away or avoid facing adversity but I feel that a change in scenery will help facilitate my happiness.  The reduction in outside “noise” at home will help me concentrate and focus more on me and what it is I am in search of.  The locals say, either the island will accept you or reject you.  I’ll be curious to find out what fate the island has in store for me.


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