Life’s a Beach

I decided to leave my home and temporarily establish a new home in Maui. Some might say I am avoiding my issues at home and running away from my problems.   I have always lived under the premise of no matter where you go in the world, the environment will change, the people will change and the only thing that will remain the same is you.  

So why run?  Why not turn into the wind and face the problem head on?

Yes, I have not changed.  I continue to work on my self and continue to build my weaknesses and maintain my strengths.  But there is a way to turn directly into the wind and not struggle as much.  If you remove some dead or unneeded weight, you are able to travel a bit farther and faster than before.  So by distancing myself from a lot of unneeded “noise” back home, I am able to continue to work on myself without too many distractions.  By removing myself from a culture where the pace is fast or faster, I can slow my life down and take the time to deal with things slowly and as they come along.

Nobody knows if this decision will pan out and be a success.  But that is the beauty of it all.  I no longer worry, have anxiety or am fearful if it will or will not work out.  I simply am enjoying each day here as it comes.  Worry, anxiety and fear are all emotions associated with future planning.  When we try and forecast, we experience all those emotions due to the unknown of the future.

I know I will do some work today, I will eat today, I already worked out today. At some point, I may want to go to the beach, but it’s not detrimental if I don’t. I may going into town today, who knows? That is the extent of my planning for the day.


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