Accepting the delivered package

When I first joined the military, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted in life.  I figured I would enlist in lieu of going to college so I can at least move my life in a positive direction. Well the military did offer me some clarity after 3-years.  I realized I no longer wanted to be in the military.  So I started to dream and aspire to do other things outside of the military.

In high school I played 4-years of basketball.  I never thought I would be able to play after high school.  However, I had the opportunity to play basketball in the Army for 2-years against many of the local colleges in North Carolina.  I now had confidence in my basketball skills, more so myself, that I did not possess previously.  So I dreamed to someday play professional basketball!  Yes, I said that aloud and put it out to the universe. 

I worked various jobs when I left the military.  Some paid well, exceptionally well, some did not.  I made more money than I needed.  A person only needs a certain amount of money in their life.  The surplus only fuels the ego and leads to other issues.  Well this led me to make another bold statement.  I wanted to be free and clear of working in my forties.  I said I wanted to retire at some point in my forties. 

I am sure I have made many, MANY other statements over the years.  But I never knew when I said these things aloud that anyone or anything was listening.  But the universe is always listening.  The universe is like ordering something from China.  The package may eventually get to you, but not at the most expedited time. And when you do get it, it is packaged in a weird box with a whole bunch of packaging tape all around it.  Okay, probably not the best analogy, but it was the only one that came to mind. 🙂

Not until I started to get older and realized what was going on in my life, did I start to find that I was receiving packages I had ordered long ago.  I asked the universe for something and the universe delivered.  I never recognized what I had received because the packaging was different than I expected. 

I wanted to play in professional basketball.  I had dreamed and expected that would be in the NBA.  I played professional basketball overseas.  I lived that professional basketball lifestyle, but overseas.  My package was delivered.

I recently was laid off and attempted to get back into the work force.  But I am slowly realizing, I do not need to go back to work.  My wife has a great job and we do not live outside of our means.  Also our son would benefit greatly with me being a stay-at-home dad.  I have struggled with this new occupation for the past couple of weeks but I am realizing it was exactly what I asked for.  To retire in my forties.  I always envisioned retiring from a company with a certain amount of money in my bank account.  But this was the package I ordered and it was delivered. 

Now I must accept the package and packages to come.  Because at one time, it was exactly what I asked for. 


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