Who Am I?

I was a US Army officer

I was a professional basketball player.

I was a police officer.

I was a firefighter.

I always struggled with finding an identity in life.  After I completed an item on the proverbial list of goals, I thought my life would be fulfilled.  I thought I would be content.  IF I became <insert job here>, that job would define me.   I realized later in life that a job is simply what I do, not who I am as a person

As I embark on my new career, as a stay-at home dad, I have learned a lot about life and about myself and would love to share this with anyone who is willing to listen.

I decided to create this “How To” blog site (not to be mistaken for a “How To Blog” site 😊) in an attempt to organize the jumble of thoughts in my head, from past to present, that have helped ME overcome challenging situations or issues in life

The main objective is to create a positive forum for me to identify, acknowledge and own my actions.